Bellydance Class – Descriptions

Belly Dance is one of the most

Belly Dance is one of the most beautiful, exciting, and sensual forms of self expression. It is empowering, uplifting, healing, and fun! The typical Belly Dance cabaret (or routine), consists of several different segments, offering a complete glimpse into the dancer’s soul. From slow, snakey arm movements to exhilarating percussive hip hits, this dance is completely entertaining for the observer and dancer alike.

 Mayte has experienced the joys of Belly Dancing since childhood, and now she is delighted to bring that joy to YOU! By offering several subjects and formats of classes, women (and men) around the world can experience the magic of the dance in many forms.

Sensual Belly Dance with Mayte – this workshop focuses on the slower and more seductive side of the dance. With serpentine-like undulations, hand ripples and waves, and mesmerizing hip circles, you will experience a new connection with your sensual self.

Elements of Belly Dance for Beginners – Mayte will break down some of the most fundamental moves in Belly Dance using the elements of the earth to help you connect with the different types of movements. Learn basic technique and simple combinations to get in touch with your Inner Goddess!

Shimmy, Sweat & Smile® – One of the most exciting and entertaining parts of Belly Dance cabaret is the upbeat and percussive portion of the routine, which is where the dancer shows off her playful side with hip drops, chest circles, and of course the iconic shimmy! In this fun workshop, Mayte will show you that you really can work up a sweat and still have a smile on your face! Learn technique and combinations for a lively mini-choreography. Suitable for all levels – from very beginner to experienced dancer.

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